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Wire and Plastic and Glass, Oh My! Are These Things in Your Food?

Product recalls occur on all types of products, but for some reason, those involving food seem to get more press than others. Lately there have been a lot of products that have been tainted with some sort of bacteria, like e coli or salmonella, but four recent recalls have been caused by foreign objects being found in foods.

BBU Inc. has recalled many of their bread products and one type of bun that they bake because there may be wires in them. While it is unclear how they discovered the possibility of this, they think a bad screen at a company that provides flour for some of their baked goods may be the culprit. None of the affected goods are still on store shelves, but the company would like consumers to check at home to see if they have any of these products still in their homes. The link to the official recall with the specific product names is given at the end of this article.

While some may joke that you never know what’s in sausage, finding a piece of plastic in your breakfast meat would definitely be a turn-off. Smithfield Packing Company, based in Virginia, has recalled 38,000 pounds of sausage produced under the name “Gwaltney mild pork sausage roll.” Two people contacted the company after finding pieces of what were most likely plastic gloves in their sausage.

Two recent recalls involve the possibility of glass being in food. The Kellogg Company has recalled several batches of its Special K Red Berries cereal in three different box sizes. The company is asking its customers to check their cereal boxes and to contact them if they have one of the boxes in question. They will send a coupon for a replacement box of cereal and may ask for the bad cereal back as part of their investigation. Nestle, which owns the Lean Cuisine brand, recalled their Mushroom Mezzaluna Ravioli product after three customers reported that they found glass in their meals. Nestle also told customers to contact them for a coupon as they puzzled how this could have happened since they do not have any glass in their factories that manufacture the affected products.

The thought of eating something with foreign objects in it is just gross, but actually ingesting a foreign object can be very dangerous. Something like a wire or piece of glass could perforate or cut an internal organ; plastic pieces could cause a blockage; and the ingestion of any of them could result in irritation or infection. Fortunately, it does not appear that anyone has been injured by these most recent defective products.

If you think you have ingested a foreign object while eating, it is important to seek medical attention immediately so doctors can determine exactly what you have consumed and decide what to do about it. If indeed it was a foreign object and you were injured as a result, a Kentucky product liability lawyer can help you determine what action needs to be taken against whom for you to be fairly compensated.


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