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New York attorney sues Delta over bad vacation

I have to admit I am outraged by this story. Guys like this make it hard for Kentucky personal injury lawyers like me to obtain justice for auto accident, medical malpractice, and other injury clients with valid claims.

New York attorney Richard Roth recently made headlines by suing Delta Airlines for ruining his vacation. Apparently Roth missed the memo that airlines do not control the weather, and feels it was the airline’s duty to ensure he had the vacation of his dreams, not just that he got to his destination safely. Perhaps he could have simply enjoyed the remaining days of his vacation, spent Christmas with his family, and changed his attitude, rather than spending his vacation chasing down Delta employees and preparing to litigate.

Unfortunately for lawyers everywhere, Roth’s actions further the negative stereotypes many Americans have of lawyers. By suing Delta, Roth has taken a giant leap away from the professionalism that should surround competent lawyers and made a mockery both of himself and of his profession.